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Visit Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder cheese shop for delicious cheeses in East Melbourne, VIC.

Ordering Cheese Online

Located in East Melbourne, VIC, Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder specialises in sheep, cow and goat milk cheeses. We are known for having a wide variety of cheese for every cheese lover.

Visit our cheese shop to buy or discover your favourite cheese. From Chaource to Carles Roquefort, we stock all types of cheese for you and your friends. If the cheese isn’t available at our cheese shop, you can always try our online shopping option.

The easier the better, shop online for excellent quality cheese.

A wide variety of cheese

Cheese Shop Melbourne CBD, Richmond

Artisan Cheese Shop

Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder is a cheese shop offering hand-cut artisanal and farmstead cheeses from local suppliers across the Melbourne CBD.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best artisan cheeses from around the world. Rest assured, all our cheeses are maintained at the required temperature in a humidity controlled environment. Our shop assistants will guide you to the perfect stinky cheese, or the gooiest bloomy bit of magic. We recommend that you taste before you buy.

Our knowledgeable cheesemongers will ensure that you have have an enjoyable time.

Outsourcing the best artisan cheese from around the world


Why Choose Us?

  • Specialist in cow, goat and sheep cheese
  • Wide variety of cheese
  • Online shopping
  • The best artisan cheese from around the world
  • Experienced staff
  • Supports local farmers

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